Light Engine Design Corp.’s Subsidiary, Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. Develops Novel Monitoring and Alert System

FRISCO, Texas /PRNewswire/ — Light Engine Design Corp.’s (OTC:TLED) wholly-owned subsidiary, Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. (CMGL) has developed a novel control, monitoring and alert system for their ETL-certified Harvester™. The system provides Wi-Fi-based automated control of individual and groups of lighting units. Every 205W Harvester™ will be equipped with humidity, temperature, light intensity, and power sensors for high-resolution control of photoperiod and other critical environmental parameters.

“We’re excited about the additional value that our new monitoring features bring to the Harvester technology,” said Zacariah Hildenbrand, Chief Scientific Officer. “We designed the monitoring system to help horticultural professionals and gardening enthusiasts optimize their environmental factors for superior crop production.”

The development of the second generation of this new technology is already under way and will include customizable lighting recipes and the integration of daily light integrals to optimize LED light production in greenhouse settings.

About Light Engine Design Corp.:  Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. is focused on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of state-of-the-art Solid-State Lighting (SSL) in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industries. www.ledesigncorp.com / www.cmgrowlights.com.

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