Light Engine Design Corp.’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Tall Trees LED Company, Changes Name to Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc.

FRISCO, Texas /PRNewswire/ — Light Engine Design Corp.’s (OTC: TLED) wholly owned subsidiary, Tall Trees LED Company, has changed its name to Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. (CMGL).

“This change allows Light Engine Design Corp. (TLED) to build off of the momentum from the strategic merger with the renowned company, Curtis Mathes,” said Zacariah Hildenbrand, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. “Curtis Mathes has been a household name for a very long time and we wish to leverage this established brand presence with the success that we’ve already experienced with our new Harvester™ lighting system.”

Tina Crawford, Director of Operations for Curtis Mathes, Inc. stated, “We at the Curtis Mathes companies are proud to add Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. and their new product lines to our core Company capabilities and values.”

The Harvester™ utilizes CMGL’s proprietary phosphor and specialized lenses for a true full spectrum delivery that is equipped with supplemental red LEDs to ensure the highest quality and maximum yields for flowering plants.  The Harvester™ has already garnered significant attention in the medical cannabis and hemp sectors, being utilized by world-class geneticists, Adam Jacques and Christian West; and being deployed by equipment leasing company, Forty Five Solutions LLC.

About Light Engine Design Corp.:  TLED’s wholly owned subsidiary, Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. is focused on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of state-of-the-art Solid-State Lighting (SSL) in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industries.

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