Tall Trees LED Company to Feature Novel Lighting Technologies at Prominent Cannabis and Hemp Expos

PHOENIX, AZ /PRNewswire/ — Light Engine Design Corp.’s (OTC: TLED) wholly owned subsidiary, Tall Trees LED Company, announces its participation in four prominent cannabis and hemp conferences. Tall Trees will be demonstrating the new Harvester™ lighting system at the upcoming Arizona Cannabis Expo (Phoenix, February 13-14), the 10th Cannagrow Expo (Chicago, April 17-18), Pennsylvania Cannabis Expo (Philadelphia, August 5-6), and Cultivation Week 2020 (Palm Springs, November 9-13).

The Harvester™ lighting system represents decades of research and experience in the fields of photo- and phyto-biological science. The Harvester’s novel light spectrum and photon delivery are designed to help growers of all skill levels optimize the yield and phytochemical densities of their crops. For more information about our novel horticultural lighting technologies, visit: http://talltreesled.com/why-full-spectrum-light/

“The connoisseur culture within the cannabis and hemp industries is rapidly expanding, and as such, there is a growing impetus for operators to use cutting-edge technologies like the Harvester™ to accentuate the expression of ancillary cannabinoids, terpenes, and various classes of flavonoids in their retail products,” said Robert Manes, Chief Operations Officer. “With this in mind, we are excited to be participating in these four industry-leading events, which affords us the opportunity to engage with a wide range of clients.”

About the Light Engine Design Corp.:  TLED’s wholly owned subsidiary, Tall Trees LED Company is focused on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of state-of-the-art Solid-State Lighting (SSL) in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industries. www.ledesigncorp.com

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