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Life. Always On.®

We at Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. are pioneers in the LED lighting industry. Our lights have produced the highest “Top 10 Cannabinoids” content of any LED horticultural light, according to C4 Labs in Phoenix.
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The Harvester®

Our Harvester® lighting system represents decades of research and experience in the fields of photobiological and horticultural science. Its’ novel and proprietary light spectrum and photon delivery are designed to help growers of all skill levels optimize the yield and phytochemical densities of their crops. If it is cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that you are after, the Harvester® is the light to take your grow to the next level.

The Curtis Mathes Difference

We have spent the last 15 years engineering a custom, superior product instead of mass marketing the same lights many grow light vendors are selling. Whether you have a small-scale project, or a massive grow, you’ll find lights you can count on, and products and service beyond expectation with Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc.


No-hassle coverage for 5 full years from purchase. Read more about our warranty here.


We provide photons across the entire visible spectrum, and then some. We have produced true full spectrum lighting for almost 15 years.


We sell what we design and build, unlike many of our competitors. Did you know that upwards of 90% of all LED grow lights sold worldwide are re-branded product manufactured by the same few companies?


Whether you are buying one light or thousands, we are here for you.  We provide intensity and distribution calculations, lighting layouts/schedules, custom  configurations, power and HVAC calculations, Return on Investment (ROI) comparisons, and expert grow help.

Growing Champions

Cannabis Cups, ERRL and 710 Cups are just a few of the notable achievements on our resume. In addition to growing top shelf cannabis, C4 Labs in Phoenix, AZ stated that Curtis Mathes Grow Lights sample submissions produced the highest “Top 10 Cannabinoids” content of any LED horticultural light to-date.

Elevate Quality. Elevate Yields.


When compared to more traditional horticulture lighting solutions, LED’s demonstrate superiority in several key areas, such as higher efficacy, extended life span, consistent results and complete spectrum control.

At Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, we believe that light emitting diodes are the future of horticultural lighting, and every day we gather more data to support that claim.



“The lights we have been using in our research and development spaces have far exceeded our expectations. Beautiful lush green growth on vegetative plants,  very dense trichome production in flower and doesn’t burn fresh seedlings all with one unit.  No changing bulbs, running ducting or dealing with blown ballasts. I have noticed a sizeable decrease in my energy consumption versus the MHS/HPS and DE style I am accustomed to running.  The AC doesn’t run nearly as much, the light itself uses considerably less power and I am seeing results I would expect with my DE lights. Another added bonus is that I am watering nearly half as often with no slow down in growth rates. I am impressed with an LED for the first time in my life.”
Adam Jacques

Chief Geneticist, ZED Therapeutics

I’m no stranger to LED horticultural lighting. As you may know, there’s no shortage of brands out there and I’ve used many different ones in my search for a satisfactory production model. I can comfortably say the Curtis Mathes Harvester is the best LED I’ve seen. It’s flexible design configurations make it extremely versatile. The heat output is really minimal even compared to other LEDs. The light output is phenomenal. I’m impressed with the high PAR readings we get and how even the light is over the canopy. Curtis Mathes follows that up with a good price and great service, making it my number one choice for cannabis lighting.
Christian West

Lead Cultivator, ZED Therapeutics



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