KULA AG Selects Curtis Mathes Grow Lights for European Operations

Curtis Mathes Corporation (OTC: CMCZ) subsidiary, Curtis Mathes Grow Lights, Inc. (CMGL) will supply KULA AG with the award-winning, full-spectrum Harvester® LED grow light for all of their European cultivation facilities. KULA AG will begin producing highly efficacious CBG (cannabigerol) and CBD (cannabidiol) hemp flower that will be targeted for various segments of the European market, including Switzerland. Their state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Liechtenstein will feature novel genetics created by world-renowned geneticists Adam Jacques and Christian West.

"We wish to set the new standard of hemp cultivation in Europe by introducing exciting novel genetics to a relatively quality-devoid market," said Philippe Schürmann, CEO and Founding Partner of KULA AG.

"We are going to produce high-quality, organically-grown hemp flower, complying with the European narcotic regulation (<0.20% THC content), while still maintaining equal terpene profiles as their original, high-THC counterparts. In addition, we are committed to constantly strive for new innovations by conducting unique breeding projects and novel research using the Harvester grow light system" added Tim Rockenbrod, Founding Partner of KULA AG

The Harvester® lighting system incorporates Curtis Mathes Grow Light's C3 approach – Color, Coverage and Current.  "Color" refers to lighting spectrum that will develop nutritional content, especially for leafy green vegetables and herbs.  "Coverage" relates to lighting distribution necessary for consistent illumination of a given crop area.  "Current" refers to lighting power necessary for deep penetration and higher crop yields.  

"It's rewarding to see our technology being implemented on an international scale," said Robert Manes, Chief Operations Officer & Director of Curtis Mathes, "The combination of our unique spectrum and targeted photon delivery will provide KULA AG the greatest opportunity to maximize the yield and phytochemical content of their hemp crops."

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